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About Vishaha

Vishaha Consultancy was established in 2022 with an aim to offer consultancy services in the domain of construction industry and is also devoted to excellence in equipping complete software training to professionals. An offshoot of its parent company Dhanush Consultants, Vishaha Consultancy is set to disrupt the consultancy stratum of civil engineering domain through its unique, flexible, innovative, and cost-effective services that could change the canvas of this service industry. We work with some of the key players in computer-aided engineering software.


What We Offer

Vishaha Consultancy offers the following multi-disciplinary, bespoke and diverse solutions /services but is not limited to;
  • Software Training
  • Asset Management Consultancy
  • Valuation Engineering
  • Construction Supervision
  • Tender Screening

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We ensure that we are beside you in every step of the project life cycle – right from valuation, to project management to design, construction and supervision.

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