Our Team

We believe in teamwork and encourage team-based philosophy. On every project we bring together the representative of different organization and form a Project Team to achieve a common set of objectives. It starts building relationship amongst the team members. Frequent communication, understand and appreciate each other’s problems, avoid conflicts, be realistic and rational, and “agree for the better” are the key words.

We try and motivate people to work as a team to ensure smooth and timely completion of the project without sacrificing quality of work. We always encourage people to add to and hone specific professional and project-oriented skills. This has shown marked improvement in the performance on our projects.

Our Key Personnel

Vishaha consultants have attracted some excellent talent. Our team is a fine blend of experience and vision, combined with talent and innovativeness. The company has a qualified and well-experienced technical and other staff. The technical staff comprises of experts from various disciplines – Architectural, Structural, Management, Construction etc. They work as one coherent team.

All the members of the team have a strong and sound base of engineering knowledge. They are proficient in their respective subjects and possess quite a good field experience too. They are capable of handling complex engineering problems and are competent enough to take decisions on the spot. The company also has highly experienced professionals as associates to assist its engineering team in specialized areas.